Mission statement

At Nice Gesture, we believe that every gesture counts. We strive to inspire creativity and provide easy-to-follow guides for our customers to create thoughtful and personalized gifts or home accessories. Our mission is to spread joy and spark connections through the power of handmade gestures.

Our Team

Our team at the NiceGesture headquarters is made up of passionate individuals who love to share their knowledge and creativity with others through fun and easy DIY projects.


Jamie Morisson

Jamie has been working in the interior design and fashion space for the last 10 years. He has become a specialist in using software and technology to enhance his creations. He has made the most of his creative abilities to excel in business.


Annie Hofstadter

Annie graduated University with a First studying Garden Design. As well as the garden Annie loves anything to do with the home and all things fashion related. She has a real passion for designing jewellery and accessories.

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